Digital Real Time Clock

We are leading Manufacturers and Suppliers a large variety of superior quality Digital Timer. These timers are made using quality tested materials and sophisticated technologies, which make them more durable and provide longer serving life. In order to meet the each and individual requirements of the client, we have developed our exclusive range in different specifications.

Digital Real Time Clock with 11 alarm settings 

Model : KST-006


Best solution :

Now we offer you a clock that is capable of setting 11 alarms, that is the times at which the your gong or buzzer starts and you can set the duration of the same for 11 different timings.




1.You have the flexibility of setting both, the“ON” timing and the duration of the buzzer to be kept on.
2. It always shows the real time clock.
3. Even on power failure your settings will not washed out and no need to set the current time again on power on.
4. At any time you can change the setting for any time.



Technical Specification :


1.Size : 96mm x 48mm x 82mm.
2. Auxiliary supply : 230VAC/50Hz.
3. Setting input type : switches on front panel.
4. Load drive specification : 230VAC/ 60watt.
5. Indications : LED.
6. Display : LCD display (KST-005).